Joanna Burgess, CMT

massage & orthopedic manual therapy

What Clients Say
Thanks so much for the bodywork. You have an amazing touch. It doesn't seem like you're doing much but voila! All pain is gone :) I slept like a baby.
~SC, January 2018
I have gotten many massages by Joanna. I always feel renewed and relieved. She's not only technically proficient and wise she's also incredibly intuitive and energetically atuned. I recommend her to everyone who's looking for a great massage.
~MB, October 2017
Joanna is a great massage therapist. I had back pain and assumed it was random muscle spasms. She encouraged me to consider the possibility that my discs were bulging--based on my list of other symptoms--and we talked about the mechanics of that and she gave me suggestions for different ways of moving. She did The Hendrickson Method of massage and manual therapy which is more nuanced and suited to what was happening with my body. She took time to talk to me (and educate me about my body) so we could figure out the most effective treatment. I believe this treatment was more effective than straightforward massage would have been. The next day I definitely felt a difference. My pain has diminished since my treatment with her. I really appreciate her willingness to introduce this new method to me.
~DS, August 2017
Joanna is my go-to massage therapist! I’m a bit of a picky customer when it comes to massage, and Joanna does great work. My first visit with Joanna was right after the very hard birth of my son. My body took a long time to heal, and Joanna was patient and communicative with me. Her work really honored what I’d been through and was healing and generous. What I appreciate most about her technique is that she has a varied toolbox. She knows a lot about how the body works and different approaches to work each part or a variety of injuries. It’s never just a relaxing massage—though it is relaxing—it is also about addressing deeper causes. I’ve gone in with ribs all out of whack or pain I’ve had for months and leave with these issues better, and then I continue to heal over the next few days. She elicits feedback throughout the massage about pressure and incorporates feedback immediately. She also will often follow up with me days later checking in to see how I’m doing and giving further healing suggestions.
~SF, August 2017
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