Joanna Burgess, CMT

massage & orthopedic manual therapy


In a typical therapeutic massage session I employ a blend of modalities:

I also offer a mind/body-healing style of massage that is more geared toward deep relaxation and rest for the overall nervous system (vs. specific mechanical issues). Here I may also employ any of the modalities above. However, the overall pace and tone of the massage will tend to be much slower and I may also integrate modalities such as:

Hendrickson Method

I am a certified Hendrickson Method® (HM) Practitioner. HM is a unique, integrative style of orthopedic massage that is excellent for functional rehabilitation and healing, for a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. These sessions are given clothed (with no massage oil or lotion). They integrate a unique, deeply relaxing style of massage called wave mobilization® that gently rocks the body and mobilizes the joints, together with a neuromuscular reeducation approach called muscle energy technique (MET).

Chair Massage

I offer on-site chair massage for workplace settings, wellness fairs, fitness centers, and special events (e.g., sporting events, corporate events, private gatherings).