Joanna Burgess, CMT

massage & orthopedic manual therapy


Table Massage*

  • $100 for a 60-minute session
  • $120 for a 75-minute session
  • $140 for a 90-minute session

*Please inquire about outcall/in-home massage rates.

Massage Packages

  • Purchase 3 massages, get 10% off
  • Purchase 4 massages, get 15% off
  • Purchase 5 massages, get a free massage (of whatever duration you purchased)

Chair Massage

I offer on-site chair massage for workplace settings, wellness fairs, fitness centers, and special events (e.g., sporting events, corporate events, private gatherings).

Chair massage rates are negotiable depending on the engagement. I have a 2-hour minimum. My typical rate is $60/hr for engagements of 2.5+ hours, and $70/hr for 2-hour engagements, in central east Bay.

Please contact me to inquire about hiring me for an event.